IQF frozen bread dough by spiral freezer, Square Technology

The frozen dough is stored in a temperature of -18° C ~ -25 ° C, and the moisture in the dough is frozen, the fermentation is completely stopped. Therefore, the dough can be kept for a long time before being baked at home or bakery outlets

In European, frozen dough is mostly laminated pastries.  In the US, frozen dough is mainly pre-baked frozen bread like sandwiches and raw pizzas.

Pros of frozen dough

Consistency: Customers want the same bakery product experience every time and at any location they visit, and you need a solution that will help you confidently meet their expectations. Frozen dough allows standardizing the process of making the dough.

Labor: Frozen dough is mostly made in the big bakery plant, where highly sophisticated and automatic machineries are used to minimize the labor usage.

Space:  Using frozen dough can save kitchen area for the bakery store, when the rent cost is very expensive in shopping streets. There is no need to have a lot of space for mixers and other equipment. The equipment that a bakery store needs in the kitchen can reduce to oven and shelf for ingredients.

Square Technology is the leading IQF freezer manufacturer based in China.( it has been supply spiral IQF freezers, spiral proofers, continueous ovens to the major bakery plant around the world, including Bimbo, Bama, Mankattan, etc.

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Written by: Tony Huang,

International Marketing Manager, Square Technology