How Does a Tunnel Freezer Work?

Due to the continuous development of refrigeration technology, a lot of refrigeration equipment has been launched, tunnel freezer is a very common refrigeration equipment, mainly used for the processing and production of all kinds of food needs to be frozen, the operation of the equipment is relatively simple, high production efficiency, the specific working principle is simple to explain.

The working principle of the tunnel freezer and the quick-frozen storehouse is basically – like, which can realize the continuous quick-frozen work. The tunnel freezer can eliminate the manual handling process, and the goods are transmitted to the tunnel through the conveyor belt. The goods are rapidly frozen after the tunnel, and then transported out for the next step process. Frozen food through the tunnel freezer, as long as the goods continuously enter the tunnel, continuous heat generation, refrigeration unit will run until the goods stop conveying, the unit will automatically stop according to the temperature in the tunnel. It not only improves the utilization rate and production efficiency of the equipment, but also saves the electric energy consumed by the unit due to frequent startup and plays an energy-saving role.

The operation characteristics of tunnel freezer are as follows:

  • The equipment frame is made of stainless steel, the overall structure is compact, the appearance is healthy and beautiful
  • Into the high temperature temperature can reach several hundred degrees, low temperature temperature can reach dozens of degrees below zero;
  • Foaming agent insulation, flow distribution uniform and stable, constant temperature field;
  • Adopt heat preservation technology to reduce energy consumption;
  • A variety of energy and heat recovery technology comprehensive utilization, energy saving, environmental protection;
  • Temperature sensor, high measurement accuracy;
  • Multi-process combination, reasonable process, can handle a variety of materials;
  • Can provide users with heat distribution testing services, the use of expert system, online monitoring of the whole production process temperature change.

In the process of using tunnel freezer, it is necessary to know not only the operation method of equipment, but also its working principle.
It also requires familiarity and mastery.